Many of our clients have national footprints with multiple offices across the country. We service clients with a single facility and clients with several thousand locations. At IT-NetLogistics we have provided services to most business sectors and have been most active in Banking and Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Technology.

  • In the Banking and Finance industry we have provided for the branch office voice and data services for over 8000 individual locations.
  • In the Retail industry we provided our services to over 10,000 individual retail sites throughout the United States.
  • In the Technology industry we supported tens of thousands of individual offices for several telephone companies including US West, Intertel, The Bell System and a host of other similar entities.

IT-NetLogistics is a service company and we are happy to provide our services to any client who is in need of IT services.  IT-NetLogistics provides a multitude of services many of which are detailed throughout this website. We would be honored to assist your company with any or all of your service requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or qualifications.

Contact us @ 844-889-2061