Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system has six subsystems that make up the backbone of the cable topography. A properly designed structured cabling system will provide you with years of dependability and will outlive many generations of product hardware and software. Structured cabling is not a necessity in all applications. Enterprise clients with large physical brick and mortar locations are prime candidates for the structured cable environment. A well-planned structured cable backbone will provide you with significant cost savings in many areas including maintenance; moves, adds, and change activity; and in the time requirements for almost all voice and data services. For more details about structured cabling please see our white paper on structured cabling. At IT-NetLogistics, we can provide you with structured cable design services as well as with installation and implementation requirements.


At IT-NetLogistics we support all of your cabling needs. Whether your cable plant consists of a structured environment over several acres or a small branch office with only a few cables, we can provide for your service needs.

As an IT professional services company, we realize that to truly appreciate the full potential of complex network applications, we must first provide state-of-the-art connectivity. IT-NetLogistics works with all the latest connectivity media, as well as all “Categories” of cable.

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