Break / Fix Services

Break/Fix activity is an everyday occurrence at IT-NetLogistics. Although there are many more glamorous tasks, such as product rollouts and enterprise upgrades, the day-to-day service and break/fix activity in many cases is the most critical. Break/fix service activity is the determination that a technical problem exists that requires a technician onsite to repair it. In a break/fix scenario, our help desk has spoken to you and made the determination that the problem cannot be resolved remotely and a technical dispatch is required.

The processing and handling of these types of service requests is critical to the enterprise client as well as to the branch office that is having the problem. The classification of routine for a break/fix indicates that the outage or failure is not critical to the operation of your company. Clients can make their own unique determination as to the required response times (tech onsite) in these situations. The procedures for handling, processing, and time requirements are documented in your Service Level Agreement.

All of our break/fix service activity is viewable to our clients through our web-based Customer Relation Management (CRM) software. Our clients can open service tickets and track all service requests and know the status of every order. Our (CRM) software contains the databases of all of our field service partners. With over 35 years of operating in the service sector, and 25 of those operating nationally, we have assembled a database of the most qualified technical partners. These partners have worked with us for years and their qualifications, skill sets, company size, and history with us is well documented. You can be assured that the technician dispatched to your site has the qualifications to get you back up and working as quickly as possible.

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