Office Opens and Closures

it-net_img02.pngMany of our clients are continually growing their footprint in productive areas while shrinking them in nonproducing areas. Our clients rely on us to perform all the necessary IT services to get them up and running when they open new branches or facilities in all areas of the country. IT-NetLogistics provides a single-source solution for our clients’ new office openings.

Conversely,  we also offer our clients office closure services. When our clients determine that it is time to close an office, we are again there to provide these services. IT-NetLogistics will pick up and inventory the equipment and either ship it to our clients’ facility or ship it to our facility to be inventoried and reused, as directed. Clients can track the inventory housed at our facility through the web-based CRM package.

Whether you need new offices opened or existing facilities closed, we are there to support your needs.

For more information about office openings and closings, please Contact us.