Emergency Service Orders

Emergency service in the IT business is typically defined as a critical systems failure seriously effecting the normal operations of a business. You, as the client, determine what constitutes emergency service and the performance levels expected in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between IT-NetLogistics and your entity.

The required response times to an emergency service order differs from client to client, with the normal negotiated response times for emergency orders being from two to four hours. You can be assured that IT-NetLogistics can provide you with two hour Emergency service at all of your locations if this is your need.


At IT-NetLogistics we realize that a critical part of emergency service is the readiness and availability of service personnel in all areas where you operate. How can a company provide two-hour emergency service if their nearest service partner is located four or five hours away? How can a company provide two-hour emergency service when the service company normally used in a particular area has a prior commitment? At IT-NetLogistics our service provider’s data base is one of our most valued assets. With over 35 years of providing emergency services for Fortune 1000 clients on a national level, we have the tried and tested assets to be there when you need us, regardless of the location.

For more information about emergency service orders, please contact us.