Integration Services

In order to provide for your complete IT Service needs, IT-NetLogistics also supplies hardware and software integration services. Most equipment deployments require some type of integration service. Perhaps your project requires the installations of routers across your network, and you are looking for a partner to perform the necessary router configurations before deployment begins. As a client of IT-NetLogistics, your product can be shipped to our location straight from the manufacturer, and we can perform the necessary integration services. We can also perform all of the asset tagging requirements that you may have.  Many times it is vital to have each piece of equipment  asset tagged to allow you to track a variety of asset management data.

Integration services can include programming and turn-up and test procedures before the product is rolled out. Regardless of your integration and asset management requirements, IT-NetLogistics provides you with these professional services ensuring that your technology application is fully operational prior to deployment.


Much of the IT equipment today is purchased under a lease agreement and returns are required upon lease expiration. Our clients enjoy the security of knowing that we know where their equipment is at all times. We know where it is, we keep it running, and when it is time to remove or replace it, we can do that also. Lease returns are a snap if you always know where all of your assets are and you can properly match those assets to what you have purchased or leased. Lease returns can prove costly if the client cannot insure that all of the assets are in fact accounted for and properly returned.

We would enjoy an opportunity to discuss our integration services expertise with your company. Please contact us for more information or to address immediate needs.